»One Useful Blogging Advice - If Not The Best Advice Ever

One Useful Blogging Advice - If Not The Best Advice Ever

Keep your crap to content ratio as low as possible! Ok what that means is, try to keep your posts and the content of your site as close as possible to the theme and topics of your site! It sure is okay to talk about something that’s absolutely out of topic from time to time (hey it’s your blog, you can write whatever you want!), but keep in mind that your readers and visitors are comming to your site hoping to find relevant stuff!

Ok, this actual post may be a little off topic, but my blog is there to help people…well.. this blogging advice probably won’t make you wealthy or rich, but at least smarter i hope! :)

Harpz from harpzon.com wrote:

[...]Always try to keep your crap to content ratio lower than 20%, meaning 4 out of every 5 posts you make on your blog are relevant to the main topic(s) you blog about.[...]

When you find a site you like, you share it with others! That’s what i just did!

Ok so since that post has 50% chance of falling in the “off topic” category, take a look at the top posts page!

So what is your crap to content ratio?
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