»Keep It Simple!

Keep It Simple!

One of the things i learned working online, blogging and marketing, is: keep things simple! That can also be applied to other things in life.. like relationships! You certainly don’t want a complicated relationship! So why would you want to run a complicated business? Or a complicated blog?

If you’re blogging or have a website, you probably want to keep it simple, yet effective! You certainly want people to find their way easily on your site.. yet i’ve seen a lot of sites and blogs that seem to see things differently….

Hey look at what google did with a clean design! Simple and effective!

It’s not rocket science! It’s easy to make simple things look complicated but it’s hard to make complicated things simple. So why not start with some simple ideas first! You can surely complicate things later on! We’re humans… we’re good at that! :)

There is nothing wrong in keeping things simple! What do you think? Do you tend to make things more complicated than you need to?
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